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Oxygen Concentrators in Bangalore – Medical oxygen concentrators are now as essential as life itself as they vary supply strategy, capacity, and centralized equipment, as well as labeling.

Here we will introduce some typical oxygen supplements used in-home care settings.

How Oxygen concentrators work

How Oxygen concentrators work

Oxygen makes up about 20 percent of pure air, with the rest being nitrogen and a combination of different gases. And Oxygen concentrators in Bangalore filter the pure oxygen from the air drawn into the machine. It releases the remaining gases during the filtration process.
Therefore, patients with respiratory problems can inhale this 90-95% pure oxygen with the help of an oxygen mask or nasal cannulas.
Oxygen Concentrators in Bangalore The Oxygen concentrator has a built-in cooling mechanism to prevent overheating. The oxygen contains in a compressed state in the device.
When using the device, the blood flow must regulate and monitored by the caregiver.

Types of Oxygen concentrators

Types of Oxygen concentrators


There are two types of oxygen concentrators: constant dose and pulsed dose.
Pulsed dose concentrators receive a signal from the patient’s expiratory pattern and release oxygen only during inspiration.
Thus, Continuous concentrators continue to operate until turned off. When using a pulsed dose concentrator, the amount of oxygen exhaled per minute changes.

Benefits of using a home oxygen inhaler

Benefits of using a home oxygen inhaler

Oxygen Concentrators in Bangalore However, healthcare professionals recommend supplemental oxygen for the illness as COVID-19 patients with 90-94% oxygen saturation. Because hospitals do not have mattresses, oxygen concentrators for rent in Bangalore can use at home.
A patient who requires 2-3 liters of low-intensity supplemental oxygen, which can increase to 5 liters per minute but no more, is the best candidate for an oxygen concentrator. Patients with good signs or at risk of developing them can recover with oxygen in home isolation, under medical supervision.
Elderly or ill patients discharged from the hospital may also recommend for home oxygen therapy and may must be an oxygen concentrators dealer in Bangalore.

Limitations of oxygen concentrators

Experts caution that patients with extreme symptoms or those whose oxygen saturation. it has dropped below 80-85% may receive another oxygen cycle. These patients may need to transfer to cylinders or liquid medical oxygen. They may need to admit to the hospital.
For patients with severe symptoms, machines can reduce symptoms and buy time. Until they can receive necessary medical care.

Options for Oxygen Concentrators

  • Provides approximately 90% pure buy oxygen concentrator at a low pressure of 1 to 5 liters per minute.
  • Oxygen therapy throughout the day improves chances of survival.
  • Continuous operation is possible but requires a 30-minute shutdown every 6 hours for the largest effect.
  • More minor, removable models often need to recharge within two hours.
  • Exercise tolerance can improve by providing breathing support
  • The durability of daily activities can improve
  • No need to refill tanks

The best way to increase oxygen levels

For an eco-friendly oxygen supply, the patient should be recline. Oxygen Concentrators in Bangalore The vulnerable area increases the distribution and volume of air in the lungs. It also ensures that the alveoli (the tiny air sacs in the lungs), through which oxygen and carbon dioxide, flow into the blood, increase and decrease.
From a medical point of view, the prone position recognizes as a place to improve comfort and oxygenation of the respiratory system.

Vulnerable areas

  • Regulates breathing
  • Ensures comfort and oxygenation
  • Increases the distribution and volume of air in the lungs
  • It helps the alveoli (the tiny air sacs in the lungs), through which oxygen concentrator suppliers.To supply and carbon dioxide from the blood alternate, to rise and fall more.
  • Video production: RxDx Physios can share a hyperlink to YouTube

Inserting the pillow

  • Place a pillow under your neck
  • 1 or 2 pillows under your chest and thighs
  • Two pillows under your calves

Price Warning

  • Do not consume baby food within one hour of eating.
  • Continue to do as many push-ups as you can tolerate.
  • You can do as many repetitions of push-ups as you like, up to 16 hours a day.
  • You can also adjust the pillow to change the pressure area for comfort.
  • Be aware of pressure sores and accidents, especially around bony prominences.
  • Do not use the pumps if you are pregnant
  • If deep vein thrombosis has been detected or treated within 48 hours, severe heart disease unstable fractures of the spine, hip, or pelvis.

Oxygen cylinders

Oxygen cylinders use to provide a stable supply of large quantities of oxy med oxygen concentrators. It may be in the form of compressed gas or a liquid. The oxygen contains in a seamless, reinforced metal container that does not react under high pressure.

 Who needs an oxygen cylinder?

Oxygen cylinders are available for people with respiratory diseases. However, adding oxygen with an oxygen cylinder is a sensible solution for extreme respiratory problems. it also maintains cardiopulmonary function. Its ability to deliver enormous amounts of oxygen per minute makes it a better option than a concentrator.
For patients whose symptoms deteriorate to an extreme degree or whose oxygen saturation falls below 80-85%. The following oxygen cycle, which is a very effective in-hospital treatment, can use. if this is not possible, the patient can give a new mini oxygen machine price.
They may also need several tools to enhance oxygen therapy. And respiratory support, such as humidifiers, cannulas, and flow meters

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