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Oxygen Concentrators In Mumbai – You live in India and want to buy an oxygen concentrator, but you don’t know where they sell it. Even if you know where they are, you wonder which model to choose. How much do they cost, and if there are other types of oxygen cylinders on rent?

Let’s try to solve these problems one by one.

and I believe that this Oxygen Concentrator In Mumbai article to solve your oxygen cylinder shortage problem.

First of all, it is necessary to explain why you need an oxygen concentrator. This device uses when the oxygen levels in the blood are low.

Low blood oxygen levels can be hazardous for the body. It causes breathing difficulties, fatigue, and confusion, affecting your ability to make decisions.

Oxygen Concentrator In Mumbai you knew about and Let’s look at how to buy or oxygen cylinders on rent in Mumbai. This information will help you identify the suitable oxygen concentrator distributed in 2021. At the best price in India and is the best strategy to locate verified sellers.

Measure Oxygen Cylinders Saturation

Measure Oxygen Cylinders Saturation

An oxygen concentrator should use when blood oxygen levels are low and supplemental oxygen needs. This is not a self-diagnosis and should determine licensed health care professionals.

The healthcare professional will measure the oxygen level in the blood using a device called a pulse oximeter.
If your SpO2 (oxygen saturation) is below 95%, supplemental oxygen may recommend. Your doctor can also tell you the amount and duration of supplemental oxygen.

Suppose you live in a city with a high air quality index and want to breathe “modern air” with an Oxygen Concentrator on Rent Mumbai. In that case, you may want to stop and reconsider after further investigation.

If you need oxygen for more than 120 hours per month, you can only rent one machine.

But, if you need oxygen for more than 1,500 hours in your lifetime, you should consider purchasing an oxygen concentrator.

Fixed or Removable oxygen cylinders?

Fixed or Removable oxygen cylinders

This is the time to discuss which oxygen concentrator is best for you. Oxygen Concentrators In Mumbai This is where your financial situation comes into play. A mobile oxygen concentrator is three times more expensive than a fixed concentrator.
A mobile oxygen concentrator is helpful for people who

  • You can afford to spend ¥150,000 to ¥200,000 on a portable oxygen concentrator.
  • You need less than four l/min (1 liter per minute) of oxygen. Some mobile oxygenators have a capacity of 5 to 10 Liter oxygen concentrator on rent.
  • Still, it is not worth spending money on such a machine if its most capacity meets your needs. After all, you will have to buy a whole new device if your needs increase sooner or later.
  • Even people who walk in the open air or go to the market can’t always do without supplemental oxygen.

You can choose a stationary oxygen concentrator if (Oxygen Concentrator In Mumbai)

  • Used Oxygen Concentrator For sale in Mumbai in combination with a CPAP or BiPAP machine.
  • A small of 4 l/min of oxygen needs. You can also choose a stationary oxygen machine for lower needs, but other factors must consider.
  • You need to saturate your body with oxygen even when you are sleeping.
  • You need a light supply of oxygen throughout the day

Determine the circulatory system and oxygenation needed

Determine the circulatory system and oxygenation

Only your doctor can determine how much oxygen needs and for how long. Your doctor will first check your SpO2 with a pulse oximeter.

Oxygen Concentrator In Mumbai is Aiming for 97-98%, your doctor will increase your oxygen cycle. This may be a sign that you need more.

If your doctor has recently prescribed supplemental oxygen, your oxygen needs are less than 5 L/min.

Look for an oxygen concentrator with an oxygen Cylinders purity indicator (OPI).

Measure Oxygen Cylinders Saturation (1)

Oxygen Concentrators In Mumbai Oxygen Concentrator In Mumbai have Many oxygen concentrators in the Indian market that do not have an oxygen purity indicator (OPI). As it indicates if the oxygen purity is below the therapeutic range.

The OPI is usually an LED light that comes on when the oxygen purity falls below 85%. We are talking about the purity of oxygen coming out of the device instead of the oxygen saturation of the blood.

Buy an Oxygen concentrator on rent Navi Mumbai without an OPI. You will not be able to tell when the oxygen purity falls below the therapeutic range. If your oxygen concentrator is not equipped with an OPI. you may be breathing other people’s air without realizing it. The cost of oxygen machines in India depends on their type, country of manufacture, and production cycle.

The oxygen machine price in India starts at RS.30,000 for a 5-liter machine. It can go up to £35,000 for a high-end portable oxygen machine. Most oxygen equipment in the Indian market import from China and the United States. Oxygen machines on rent imported from the US are about 40% more expensive than those made in China.

Before entering the market, it is advisable to know the price of oxygen equipment. This is because the MRP (most retail price) is not listed on many fashion items.


in this article, I am telling about Oxygen Concentrator In Mumbai and sharing guide one by one everything to clear heading wise because this time corona pandemic and I hope this post to help to understand everything and bottom to sharing direct oxygen cylinder 20 liter very affordable price

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