Online Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide?

Online Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide – If you or a loved one needs oxygen, one of the safest and most convenient ways to get it is to turn to an oxygen concentrator. An oxygen concentrator is a special system that collects oxygen and nitrogen from ambient air, filters it quickly, and finally produces safe, oxygen-rich air that the patient can breathe directly.

Why do I need an oxygen concentrator?

oxygen concentrator

Low blood oxygen levels can be extremely dangerous: they can cause shortness of breath, fatigue, and confusion, and their judgment can be immediately impaired. Extremely low blood oxygen levels can impair the function of the brain, heart, and other vital organs.

In such situations, an oxygen concentrator can play a crucial role. It is extremely useful for those who suffer from low blood oxygen levels.

How oxygen concentrators work

Transport oxygen concentrators are ideal for long and short trips, while home oxygen concentrators are designed for long-term use at home. Oxygen concentrators work by separating oxygen and nitrogen molecules from the air to produce concentrated gasoline containing 90-95% pure Oxygen Concentrator on Rent in Malad. Normally, the air we breathe is 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. A home oxygen generator reverses this ratio and produces gasoline, whose therapeutic properties are closer to those of pure oxygen.

How to choose the right oxygen equipment

Before purchasing an oxygen concentrator price in Delhi, there are a number of specific points to consider, including

Circulating load

One of the factors to consider when purchasing an oxygen concentrator is to check the exercise capacity. Circulating load is the rate at which oxygen is delivered to the patient by the machine.

More generally, your physician should be able to provide you with the optimal load for the patient. It is therefore advisable to discuss the purchase of an oxygen concentrator with your physician first.

Some oxygen concentrator price in Delhi NCR has a low capacity (in the range of 250 to 750 ml per minute) and others have a high capacity (closer to the range of 2 to 10 liters per minute). Not all oxygen concentrators have the same training capacity, so buyers should check the training capacity of their products.

Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Home oxygen generators, like all home appliances, get their power from a regular outlet. However, the amount of power consumed varies greatly from unit to unit. Some carefully compared devices have very different overall power consumption due to differences in the manufacturing process. Others consume more because of the higher oxygen flow rate. While it usually makes sense to use a concentrator with low power consumption, you may need a device with a higher power consumption depending on your oxygen needs as prescribed by your doctor. Some of our stylish products also have battery slots that can come in handy if your equipment breaks down. That’s why we’ve included a table that compares the total power consumption of some home oxygen generators.


Another important consideration is the size of the concentrator in terms of cell count. In short, an oxygen concentrator for a home varies in size and portability.

Some models may be powerful and designed to offer greater mobility, but they are generally larger and heavier. Sometimes they have a sleek design, offer more exercise, and are a great solution for home use.

There are also some that weigh 2-4 kg, making them easier to transport. These mobile oxygen units are designed to be more easily transported and used outside the home, at the expense of exercise. This makes them suitable for patients who do not require excessive oxygen transport.

Liter Move

As mentioned above, it is often necessary to consider the consumption of a home oxygen concentrator in liters. Most people who use oxygen at home are assigned a volume of 2 liters or less. However, many people require a higher flow rate. If two liters of oxygen is enough for you when you sit or lie in bed, but you have difficulty breathing when you turn your body, you may want to consider purchasing a concentrator that can deliver a higher oxygen flow rate if needed. If this is the case, be sure to consult your doctor.

Oxygen concentration

After compression and filtration in the concentrator, the oxygen delivered to the patient contains a certain percentage of pure oxygen. This value is known as the oxygen concentration. The oxygen concentration at this point is influenced by the design of the oxygen concentrator’s filtration system as well as the efficiency of the oxygen concentrator’s denitrification system.

Most oxygen concentrators have a focal value of 87% to 99%, but this can vary from concentrator to concentrator. In general, the more powerful units can be designed for patients who require a higher oxygen flow rate and can also provide a higher oxygen concentration. On the other hand, lightweight portable oxygen cylinderis generally not the best choice for patients on the move.

Noise levels

Noise levels

Oxygen machine prices for home use can be noisy because they draw in room air and filter the oxygen. If you are sensitive to noise, you may want to consider a concentrator that operates quietly. Noise levels for the concentrators on this list range from 40 to 58 decibels. In terms of background noise, 40 decibels is the sound of a bird screaming or the atmosphere in a normal library. However, 60 decibels is the equivalent of a subtle conversation or the sound of a running air conditioner.


Online Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide can be life-saving devices in the home, providing a comfortable and efficient supply of oxygen to patients who cannot get enough oxygen on their own. These devices can filter, treat and compress indoor air to provide clean, oxygenated air to those who need it.

However, we recommend that you consult your doctor before purchasing and using one yourself. Your health care professional will be able to properly explain the need and procedures for use.

Oxygen concentrators – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does an oxygen concentrator cost?

In general, the Oxygen Concentrator 10-liter price in India costs between 30,000 and 70,000 rupees.

2. How do I choose an oxygen concentrator?

When choosing an oxygen concentrator, parameters such as physical activity, portability, noise, and oxygen concentration should be taken into account.

3. Do I need a doctor’s prescription to buy an oxygen concentrator?

No. An oxygen concentrator is a medical device for oxygen therapy and therefore requires a doctor’s prescription.

4. How long can an oxygen concentrator be used?

In general, transport 10 Liter Oxygen concentrator in India should last between 1,500 and 2,000 hours.

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